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Technology affects almost every aspect of our daily life very quickly and is disrupting all the conventional industries.
At EON.AI LLC we aim to help our client to leverage the latest technology tools in their business

We are a Proptech startup and we go with Real Estate companies to help them to make the difference and do the proper strategic moves.

Machine Learning First

Machine Learning First

At EON.AI LLC we created an Artificial Neural Network, it helps us to automatize many tasks that were previously done manually, like generate original real estate text description to avoid duplicate content on SEO or do impressive market price analysis to guess housing price.
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Thanks to latest breakthrough in Artificial Inteligence we can now automatize a lot of task that would not be possible 1-2 years ago!

Web Solution

Thanks to more than 12 year experience in Real Estate by our team, we have a perfect knowledge of this industry and practices. Due to the complexity of getting datas and good providers we also develop web solution that include:

  • website development
  • data feed import/export
  • automated communication gateways
    (SMS, Web notification, Mobile notification, Social Media post)
  • video/virtual tour solution

MLS Compliant

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